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Engagement & Conversion Segment

The Visual UGC Engagement & Conversion Segment has been built to help your more effectively identify which end-users who are visiting your digital properties have engaged with a Visual UGC Widget versus those who haven't within your Google Instance.
Designed for customers leveraging Visual UGC Widgets and who have configured the Google Analytics Plugin, the Segment will highlight what percentage of users and sessions relate to people who have performed some action with one or multiple Visual UGC Widgets.

Audience Definition

Create an advertising audience based upon the segment of users who have shown they will engage with User Generated Content (UGC) on Visual UGC Widgets and target them across the Google Ads advertising network.

Ecommerce Dashboard

Track the performance of Visual UGC in helping drive Ecommerce sales across your digital properties relative to your other channels all within the one Dashboard.
Note: Please add the Visual UGC Engagement & Conversion Segment on your Google Analytics instance before using the Ecommerce Dashboard