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Users that have been granted developer access on a Stack have access to a "hidden" set of features that allow them to customise Widgets and Event Screen features via JavaScript and CSS. Customers are able to interface with either the markup or rendering aspects via hooks and events, or our activities APIs such as voting and commenting.


Straight out of the box, Widgets are available in a variety of layouts and can have their displays customised when configured.
Visual UGC Widgets can further be customised to modify their look and feel, as well as their behaviour. By hooking into events (e.g. the rendering of a widget, voting, commenting, expanded-tile viewing, tracking) developers are able to both receive callbacks as well as provide data and markup to augment. Further events can be added by developers and frameworks such as jQuery can be utilised if needed.
Information on this section is currently in development. For more information, please contact a sales representative or Support if you are an existing customer.

Event Screens

Visual UGC Event Screens feature a full templating framework, as well as custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS capabilities for developers to add their own layouts, transitioning, data management and so much more.


Trackla provides a mechanism to feature UGC content by demonstrating Tile interactions and loads, which leads to a better demonstration of ROI.

API Specification

This section is reserved for future specification of each area of the JavaScript API. For more information about an existing Visual UGC instance, please contact your sales representative or Support if you are an existing customer.