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Automation Rules

Automation Rules provides the ability for customers to define workflows that will apply a transformation (Action) to a Tile or an Asset based upon a set of pre-defined conditions (Trigger).
These Rules are run every time a new Tile is aggregated into a customer's Stack or when an Asset is added to a customer's Visual UGC Asset Manager and support customers defining complex rules via the Visual UGC API or the Query Editor in the Admin User Interface
For further details how to setup an Automation Rule via the Visual UGC Admin User Interface, click here


Define what conditions or values on your aggregated content will fire your Automation Rule Trigger.


Define what transformation actions will be applied to your Content based upon a successful Trigger.


Take full advantage of Automation Rules on your Stack by leveraging the Automation Rules API.
API Info


A collection of Automation Rules code snippets to assist you building your first Rule.
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