Actions define what transformation(s) will be applied to a Tile or an Asset based upon the defined conditions specified in the Trigger being met.


Stackla Automation Rules support two operations when defining an Action. These operations define whether the transformation value is appended to an existing array or if they overwrite the particular field.

These operations can be utilised when defining Rules via the Rules API

Operator Description
$addToSet Add element to the Array.
$set Overwrite the select field with Value.


Automation Rules currently only support transforming a limited number of fields on both Tiles and Assets. Note: Not all fields can support all available operations, please consider this when building your Automation Rules via the Rules API.


Field Operations Description
tags $set, $addToSet Add a Tag or overwrite all Tags fo a Tile
location $set Add a Location Name, Latitude and Longitude value to a Tile
stackla_sentiment_score $set Set the Sentiment Score on a Tile
status $set Set the Status of the Tile
hotspot $set Apply a Shopspot to the Image Asset on a Tile


Field Operations Description
tags $set, $addToSet Add a Tag or overwrite all Tags for an Asset
collections $addToSet Add to a Collection
workflow_status $set Set the Workflow Status of an Asset
right_status $set Set the Rights Status for an Asset
expired_at $set Set the expiry date for an Asset

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