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Bring Visual UGC Content into ChyronHego Shout


In this guide we explore the general concept of bringing Visual UGC content into a ChyronHego Broadcast leveraging the ChyronHego Shout add-on.
The guide assumes the user is leveraging ChyronHego Shout 2.9 or above, ChyronHego Lyric Pro 7.0 or above and is familiar with creating Broadcast Productions through the tool.

Key Concepts


Rich Site Summary (RSS), often called Really Simple Syndication, uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information such as blogs entries, news headlines, audio or video.
Visual UGC provides a feed of ingested social tiles in compliance with the RSS file format as part of its Content Feed Plugin.

ChyronHego Shout

ChyronHego is a series of content production, management and distribution tools for the digital media industry.
Shout is part of the ChryonHego’s Social TV offering, providing an easy means for users to capture content from a range of sources including Stackla.
ChyronHego Shout integrates seamlessly with ChryonHego’s Lyric Pro, allowing for in-broadcast display of aggregated content.

The Fun Part

In this guide we will do the following:
  • Enable and configure your ChyronHego Shout Plugin in Visual UGC
  • Use your RSS Feed in Livestream Studio

Enable and configure your ChyronHego Shout plugin in Visual UGC

Go to the Plugin directory within your Stack and install the plugin titled ChyronHego Shout - if Plugins are not available in your Stack and you wish to access them, please contact Visual UGC Support for more information.
Once setup, you will be provided a feed URL, which will contain a series of parameters, these are:
  • Filter - Filter of Content
  • Type - RSS or ATOM
Select the Filter of the content you wish to send to Livestream, and the output of RSS before hitting save.
Once saved the endpoint provided will be what you can use within your ChryonHego Shout environment.
The structure of data within the Visual UGC RSS feed is outlined below:
<title>Tile Comment</title>
<link>Source Link</link>
<pubDate>Date Published</pubDate>
<guid isPermaLink="false">GUID</guid>
<enclosure url="Image URL" length="0" type="image/jpeg" />

Leverage your RSS Feed in ChryonHego Shout Environment

Load your instance of ChryonHego Shout, and select 'Add Tab'
From here you will be presented with a prompt to give the Tab a name, and specify settings including how many posts you wish to download from the Visual UGC feed and how many posts you wish to keep.
The 'Next' Tab gives you the opportunity to specify what content you would like to bring into your Shout Tab. Click on the 'Add' button next to Accounts and click on 'RSS'
Within this section you can specify a name for the Visual UGC Feed and add the endpoint URL
The final screen allows you to specify conditions and marry up Visual UGC's RSS output with the relevant variables Shout will be looking for
Once completed, Shout will automatically start downloading content from Visual UGC and place the latest tiles on the left handside. To approve content to push to Lyric, simply select the post you like and click 'Move to Output'
ChyronHego's Lyric Pro and Channel Box products handle the end rendering of the content within the in-broadcast display.