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Bring Visual UGC Content into VizRT Social TV


In this guide we explore the general concept of bringing Visual UGC content into VizRT through the Broadcast Product extension Feedstreamer.
The guide assumes the user is leveraging VizRT Feedstreamer 1.1 or above and is familiar with creating Broadcast Productions through the the VizRT suite of tools.

Key Concepts


Atom Syndication Format is an XML language used for web feed formats to publish frequently updated information such as blogs entries, news headlines, audio or video.
Visual UGC provides a feed of ingested social tiles in compliance with the Atom file format as part of its VizRT Feedstreamer plugin output.

Viz Feedstreamer

VizRT (Visualisation in Real Time) is a series of content production, management and distribution tools for the digital media industry.
Feedstreamer is part of the Viz Social TV solution, providing an easy means for users to capture content from a range of sources including Stackla. Viz Feedstreamer can push content Viz Ticker, Viz Trio, Viz Mutlichannel or Viz Scenes for in-broadcast display.

The Fun Part

In this guide we will do the following:
  • Enable and configure your VizRT Feedstreamer Plugin in Visual UGC
  • Setup your VizRT Feedstreamer Plugin Feed in Viz Feedstreamer

Enable and configure your VizRT Feedstreamer Plugin in Visual UGC

Go to the Plugin directory within your Stack and install the plugin titled VizRT - if Plugins are not available in your Stack and you wish to access them, please contact Visual UGC Support for more information.
Once installed, you will be provided the opportunity to specify the following parameters:
  • Filter - Filter of Content
  • Type - RSS or ATOM
Select the Filter of the content you wish to send to VizRT, and the output of Atom before hitting save.
Once saved the endpoint provided will be what you can use within your VizRT environment.
The structure of data within the Visual UGC VizRT Feedstreamer feed is outlined below:
Visual UGC will provide a value in each of the above parameters.

Setup your Atom feed within Viz Feedstreamer

This guide assumes that your organisation has already setup and installed successfully the Viz Social Television offering, including:
  • Data Hub
  • Social TV Server
  • Social TV Client
  • Social TV Plugins (For Viz Multichannel)
And that you have successfully configured Viz Social Television to work with your instance of Viz Ticker, Viz Trio, Viz Mutlichannel or Viz Scenes. It is recommended that you contact your VizRT representative if these steps have not yet been completed.

Add a Source:

The Source Panel (top left hand corner of the Feedstreamer) contains a list of all the various sources you are aggregating content from.
To add a new source, simply click on the + button in the ‘Source’ header.
From the prompt that loads up, select ‘Atom’ from the list on the left hand side. From here you can specify the following information:
  • Title - Name of the Source within Feedstreamer
  • Maximum Items - Specifies a limit for how many items need to be brought into Feedstreamer. Any unmoderated items above this number, will be removed chronologically (from oldest to newest), regardless of their age.
  • Lifespan - Specifies how long content should be kept in Feedstreamer. Any unmoderated items which have not been changed within this time frame are removed. Changed means that the item has been either moderated, unmoderated, or updated from the external feed.
  • Feed URL - The URL to your Visual UGC Atom feed.
Once you are happy with your settings, simply click ‘Add and Close’ to return to the Feedstreamer home screen.

Setup a Group:

Groups within Feedstreamer allow you to classify your content into relevant statuses or group similar content together.
By default, Feedstreamer should have the following three groups setup:
  • Approved
  • Favourited
  • Rejected
If you wish to add a new group, simply click on the + button located in Group Panel Header (located under Sources).


Moderation within Feedstreamer is located in the top panel within the Feedstreamer workspace.
The Moderation Panel is split into two sections, on the left is the content being ingested via the relevant streams, whilst on the right is the approved content.
Content from the Visual UGC source will appear on the left, and to approve, all the user is required to do is click on the ‘Approve’ button.

Sending out Content:

Once approved, content can be sent out through to a number of different Viz tools.
The Destinations Panel (located at the base of the Feed Stream workspace) will allow for content to be pushed to Viz Trio or Viz Ticker.
To access Viz Multichannel, Viz Content or Viz Scenes, you will need to install the Feedstreamer External Moderation Dialog.
Details for each of these systems are available on the VizRT website.

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Last Updated on 19 August 2015 15:32:00 GMT