Stackla API Terms of Use

In order to service all of our customer to best of our abilities, usage of the API and developer resources is granted only to those who agree to abide by the following terms.

  1. You will follow the Stackla Master Subscription Agreement as stated at
  2. You will use Stackla developer resources ethically and in good faith.
  3. You will adhere to rate limits where applicable and not attempt to circumvent.
  4. You will not consume more API resources than you require.
  5. You will not grant access to your secret API Key to 3rd parties unless it is for specific tasks that you accept responsibility for.
  6. Stackla may suspend or terminate your API client at any time for any reason.
  7. You may not license, sell, disclose, publish or transfer the data obtained from the API without explicit permission from Stackla.

If you have any questions about above terms, or otherwise, please send them to